Meet Solar Panel

Solar Panel is a PV panel, using sunlight as energy to generate current electricity directly. Exclusive monocrystalline silicon cells and multi-layered cell technology enable our solar panels to reach a high conversion efficiency of up to 22%, recharging your portable power station and electric devices faster. Its portability and lightweight provide your off-grid activities with more convenience and possibilities.

  • High Conversion Efficiency

  • Compatible and Portable 

  • Environment Friendly

  • Widely Compatible & Versatile

  • Dust & waterproof

 Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Capture Solar Energy Faster

Our proud monocrystalline silicon cell possesses incomparable reliability, which offers a high conversion efficiency of 22% so that you can recharge your power station even faster, ideal for your camping or other off-grid outdoor adventures.



Multi-layered film provides SP200 with great weather-resistant performance and longer service life to fulfill all your outdoor adventures and home backup needs.


Waterproof grade

Advanced circuit protection system

Protect every moment that matters.

The premier circuit protection system offers 9 charging protections to keep your device from damages.

1 Over-voltage protection | Short circuit protection | Over-current protection | Power protection | Overload protection |  Temperature protection | Static protection | Overcharge protection, Counter-current protection

See it in the wild.